Take Action

End the Endless War

The 60 words in the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force may be the most consequential words to ever pass through Congress, as Michael Shank and Matt Southworth explain in this op-ed published in London's The Guardian. The authorization allows the US government to wage war at any time, any place, and on anyone deemed a threat to national security — with remarkably little evidence needed.

Encourage your representative to repeal this authorization, here.

Write to your local paper

Want to get the word out on the topic that matters most to you? With a letter to your local paper, you can help bring your message not only to your neighbors, but directly to the offices of your Members of Congress, where staffers and our lawmakers themselves follow opinions from home with an especially watchful eye.

The ACLU has a tool that helps write and send letters to local papers. You are given a list of media outlets in your state, tips on how to write a letter in your own words, plus, for their topics, talking points.



Got a Solution? Find the Right Ears

Feel like you have a foreign policy alternative that should be heard in the halls of government? Citizens for Global Solutions provides an easy to use tool to find the foreign policy staffer for your Member of Congress. Click here to access the Foreign Policy Staffer Locator: http://globalsolutions.org/hill/fpstaff

Anyone who would be willing to put an EPS flyer up on a departmental bulletin board or similar venue, please contact Thea Harvey, Development Manager at theaharvey@epsusa.org.