Upcoming Events:

EPS at The AEA

January 3 - 5, 2016
San Francisco, California

EPS will be organizing two sessions and holding our annual dinner at the 2016 ASSA/AEA Annual Meetings.


The Crisis of Austerity
Panel Moderator: Marshall Auerback
Patrick Honohan - Central Bank of Ireland - Austerity in Ireland
Jeffrey Sommers - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - Austerity in the Baltics
Allen Sinai - Decision Economics, Austerity and Monetary Policy
James K. Galbraith - EPS, University of Texas- Austin, Austerity in Greece

Balancing National Security and Transparency
Panel Moderator: Richard Kaufman - Bethesda Research Institute 
Linda Bilmes - Harvard University 
Richard Holt - Southern Oregon University
Ron Unz - The Unz Review
Daniel Ellsberg - Nuclear Age Peace Foundation 

This year our dinner will honor Daniel Ellsberg.

January 4th, 2016
6:30pm - 10pm

*Register for the Annual Dinner here.

*Please note The Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday this year.

**For more information about our sessions or our annual dinner email Ellie Warren