Working Groups

The following groups are working on issues related to EPS's mission. A listing on this page does not imply that EPS, its Board of Directors, or its staff endorse the opinions or actions of these groups.

Title Description
Arms Transfer Working Group The Arms Transfer Working Group (ATWG) is an alliance of primarily Washington, D.C. - based arms control, development, economic conversion, human rights and religious organizations concerned about the spread of conventional weaponry around the world. ATWG serves as a clearinghouse of information and a point of contact for strategizing and coordinating activities among diverse groups that are motivated by the same moral concerns, including the economic, humanitarian and security implications of arms trafficking.
Disarmament Working Group This group addresses threats of nuclear weapons, landmines, and biochemical weapons, as well as the alternative of economic conversion. It organizes speakers and programs to area congregations, schools, and community groups.
Economics of Security
Study Group
This study group met in New York from 2003 to 2005. Presentations are available on the website.
Economics of Terrorism
Study Group
A joint effort of the Center for Security Studies ETH Zurich, The New School Graduate Program in International Affairs and The World Policy Institute. Meets at the New School in New York City.
Monday Lobby The Monday Lobby Group is a weekly meeting of peace and security organizations in Washington, D.C. The group discusses the upcoming Congressional committee meetings, hearings, and votes, on issues relating to arms control and international security. Various lobbying plans are discussed (for groups with a lobbying component) and related tasks are divided among the participating groups.
Security Policy Working Group Security Policy Working Group (SPWG), a project of Proteus Fund, is a collaborative policy research consortium. It seeks to fundamentally reshape security policy in the United States and to broaden and deepen the public discourse on what constitutes true security in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. It emphasizes multilateral, cooperative approaches that lessen the need for, and use of, military force. EPS is a founding member of the SPWG.
Transition, Conflict and Peace Working Group The purpose of the Transition, Conflict, and Peace Working Group (TCP) is to bring together relief, development, and peace practitioners in order to facilitate integrated and sustainable action to meet the needs of communities moving towards, in the midst of, or emerging from violent conflict arising from natural or manmade events.