Ballistic Missle Defense

The Full Costs of Ballistic Missile Defense

This report, edited by Richard Kaufman, with chapters by Rodney Jones, David Gold, and William Cox, outlines the full costs of a multi-layered ballistic missile defense system with land, sea, air, and space-based components. The report notes that "If a goal of full deployment of ground, sea and air-based systems by 2015 is to be met, half the costs -- about $500 billion -- could be incurred in the next 13 years. . . . Under this demanding schedule, spending must increase very rapidly. . . reaching perhaps. . . $50 billion by 2007." If the military budget were not increased to cover spending on BMD, "then BMD would displace nearly 6% of other defense spending by 2005 and more than 12% from 2007 through 2011," according to the report. Drs. Kenneth J. Arrow and Lawrence R. Klein served as economic advisors to the project team.

Preface (by Kenneth J. Arrow0
Executive Summary
The Full Costs of Ballistic Missile Defense (full version in .pdf)

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