Conflict & Development

Confict or Development?

Written in clear English, with informative maps, tables, and graphs, this volume is designed to inform the debate among policymakers, activists, journalists, academics, students, and citizens worldwide.

Conflict or Development? has a further regional focus on Africa. Joseph Stiglitz discusses the role of information in conflict and draws a fascinating analogy between civil strife and a labor strike. Paul Collier and Neil Cooper take different positions on the prospects for reforming war economies, and E. Wayne Nafziger gives details of the evolution of humanitarian emergencies. In the two country studies, Tilman Brück examines the destruction and reconstruction of Mozambique, and Manuel Ferreira discusses the civil war in Angola. Paul Dunne tells the story of South Africa's defense contractor Denel from its origins under apartheid until today, and David Gold describes the context and history of the current actions against "Conflict Diamonds." In the chapter on "Trends in World Military Expenditure," Jurgen Brauer reflects on the weight imposed by the world's military burden.

The entire text of this book became the first issue of the Economics of Peace and Security Journal. It is now freely available to the public here.

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Disarmament and Development

Proceedings from a 1998 UN symposium, with articles by Lawrence Klein, Michael Intriligator, and Jayantha Dhanapala, among others.

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