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EPS at the 2015 AEA / ASSA Annual Meetings

Boston, Massachusetts
January 2015

Boston Marriott Copley Place


    "Inequality: Challenge of the Century?" (Panel discussion)
    January 3, 2015
    Boston Marriott Copley Place

    US-Russia: Avoiding a New Cold War, Session in honor of Michael Intriligator
    (Panel discussion)
    January 4, 2015
    Boston Marriott Copley Place,

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EPS Annual Dinner

This Year Honoring

Robert Skidelsky

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Boston Marriott Copley Place

Video of our dinner available here.


Economists for Peace and Security works to promote non-military solutions to world challenges, and more broadly to work towards freedom from fear and want for all.

Congratulations to EPS Fellow Stephanie Kelton on her new appointment as the chief economist for the minority on the Budget Committee

A prominent advocate of bigger deficits and unconventional economics will be Sen. Bernie Sanders’ chief economist when he becomes the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee in January.

Stephanie Kelton, a self-described “deficit owl” and a leading proponent of the alternative economics theory known as modern monetary theory, announced that she would be the chief economist for the minority on the Budget Committee Friday.

“We’re very excited to have her on our team,” Sanders aide Warren Gunnels told the Washington Examiner, noting that Kelton has “very strong academic credentials.”

Kelton is currently the chairwoman of the economics department at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. In addition to her academic career, she has a strong presence on social media, especially on Twitter.

Since the financial crisis, Kelton has developed a following as a defender of larger deficits to counteract the recession, as well as one of the leading exponents of modern monetary theory, popularly referred to as MMT.

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